Aurora RDV Refrigerated Air Dryer

Providing a dry and constant 38°F (+3° C) pressure dew point, the Aurora's RDV Series refrigerated air dryer maintains the right solution by eliminating unwanted damaging moisture from your compressed air system. The All-in-One “X-FLO”, which is an advanced high efficiency cross flow heat exchanger, allows the pre-cooler, evaporator, moisture separator and re-heater to be bundled in one all aluminum hermetically sealed module. Unlike typical centrifugal separators, it's equipped with a stainless steel “Demister” type moisture separator providing a C.A.S. (Continual Active Separation) that secures greater than 99.9% efficiency in removing condensed liquids from Zero - 100% of rated airflow.

  • Energy Savings Refrigerated Air Dryers
  • 15 to 3800 scfm
  • 2-Year “Bumper to Bumper” Warranty
  • 5-Year Heat Exchanger Warranty

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