Compressed Air Leak Studies

Compressed air is expensive. It’s important to ensure your compressed air is being used efficiently and not being wasted. In the average facility, air leaks waste up to 25%1 of the total compressed air produced, costing approximately $190.002 per online horsepower per year in electricity.

  • Compressed Air Challenge
  • Based on 8760 Hours per year, $0.10/kWh

In addition to wasting energy, air leaks can cause:

  • System pressure drops
  • Inefficient functioning of air tools affecting production
  • Shortening in equipment life
  • Additional maintenance and downtime due to your compressor running more than needed
  • Degrade dewpoint quality

Pattons has the tools, resources, and experience to provide:

  • An onsite visit with leak detection tools to identify problem areas
  • A detailed report which pinpoints the leak locations
  • A leak data report identifying energy reduction in dollars and impact on carbon footprint

Using ultrasonic leak detection, our auditor and service team will find and tag compressed air leaks in your facility. We will perform the following during our time in your facility:

Physically identifying compressed air leaks:

  • Attach a high visibility tag with a number reference
    • Tag includes a tear off tab for when the leak is fixed
  • Catalog each individual leak by:
    • Tag Number
    • Location
    • Loss in CFM

Report will include a summary quantifying the different categories

We can also provide you a proposal for repairing your leaks through our service department.

Contact us to request more information on compressed leak studies or to schedule a visit.

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