Optimize performance by exploring our range of high-quality parts and accessories for your compressed air systems.


Pattons: Your one-stop solution for compressed air systems, parts, and accessories

Pattons offers a comprehensive selection of best-in-class pneumatic downstream air compressor accessories tailored to meet and exceed ISO 8573 standards for outstanding air quality. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the AIRMATE systems for downstream air treatment and ELGi CONSERVE for energy conservation.

Pattons provides a one-stop solution for all your compressed air system needs. Unleash the true potential of your equipment with our OEM-quality parts compatible with all major brands of air compressors, vacuum pumps, and air dryers at a reasonable price. Our expansive inventory includes everything from lubricants, valves, separators, belts, couplings, drains, and filters. Installing genuine OEM air compressor parts will significantly reduce compressed air downtime, keeping your compressor running at maximum efficiency.

Connect with us today, and let our experts guide you in finding the precise components your system demands. Elevate your compressed air infrastructure with Pattons — your trusted partner for outstanding quality and performance.

Optimize Your Compressed Air System: Effective Maintenance Tips by Pattons for Your Air Compressor Parts:

  • Conduct continuous visual inspections to identify any signs of wear, leaks, or damage in your compressed air system, leveraging Patton’s technical expertise.
  • Monitoring the exterior cleanliness of our compressor helps prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris, ensuring the smooth-operation of our compressed air system.
  • Periodically check and tighten loose bolts, nuts, and other fasteners in compressed air systems to guarantee stability and reliability.
  • Replace air filters at a regular intervals to prevent contaminants from entering the compressed air system, which can uphold the system’s efficiency.
  • Regularly drain the condensate from the air receiver tank in compressor to safeguard against moisture buildup and maintain a dry compressed air system.
  • Inspect the belts for wear and proper tension in air compressor. Examine pulleys for alignment and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the optimal performance in the compressed air system.
  • Ensure proper ventilation in the region where the air compressor is, to prevent overheating and maintain a cool, efficient compressed air system.

Adhere to Pattons' maintenance guidelines and recommended service intervals for your compressed air system. Also keeping a record of activities done would ensure a safe working environment with peak performance of your compressed air systems.


Benefits of choosing the right parts and lubricants for your air compressor:

Choosing the right parts and lubricants for your air compressor enhances efficiency, extends its lifespan, and reduces maintenance costs. Optimal components contribute to improved air quality, optimized performance, and increased energy efficiency, resulting in minimized downtime and enhanced safety. The risk of a breakdown is high when using non-genuine parts. The timely replacement of oil and other parts ensures no or less breakdown in your compressed air systems. Choose Pattons for expertise when purchasing genuine parts and accessories, ensuring optimal performance of your compressed air system.

Why should I choose Pattons for purchasing parts and accessories for my compressed air system?

As a trusted industrial distributor offering compressed air solutions for all industrie, Pattons is a reliable source of genuine air compressor components. With decades of experience as a trusted multi-brand compressed air service provider, we bring expertise and a dedication to quality. This ensures optimal performance and longevity for your compressed air infrastructure.

How can I get clarification or assistance in selecting the right parts and accessories for my specific compressed air system?

Connect with our Pattons professionals for personalized assistance and clarity in selecting the most appropriate genuine parts and accessories specifically designed for your compressed air system’s requirements..

When should we change or replace the parts in my screw air compressor?

Identifying the optimal timing for air compressor parts replacement involves a multifaceted approach. Regularly monitor performance indicators, adhere to manufacturer-recommended maintenance intervals, and track usage hours. By combining these methods, you ensure timely replacements for sustained efficiency and reliability in your air compressor system.

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