Condensate Management Systems (Oil Water Separators)

ELGi Oil Water Separator

When the air is compressed through compressor, it results in condensate, a mixture of water, oil and dust particles. If untreated condensate from compressors is released into the open, it can have detrimental effects on the environment. To keep groundwater is safe, the EPA recommends cleaning the condensate before releasing into the sewage disposal.


Clean Resources Oil Water Separator

Compressed air systems produce condensate, which is composed of water, oil, chemicals, and other contaminants. When condensate is put down the drain, oil and all of those various contaminants are moving through local sewer systems and into bodies of water that could damage the surrounding environment. Clean Resources has engineered proprietary products with a focus on oil-water condensate separator that maintain strict environmental guidelines.



A typical compressed air and gas system can produce thousands of gallons of condensate per year. This condensate may be as much as 99.9% pure water – so why pay thousands of dollars per year to dispose of water when you can clean it simply and effectively and pour it down the drain? The nano Sepura range of oil water separators remove the oil from the water in your condensate so you can dispose of it cleanly and safely, drastically reducing your condensate disposal costs.

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