Clean Resources Oil Water Separator

Compressed air systems produce condensate, which is composed of water, oil, chemicals, and other contaminants.

The condensate from lubricated screw compressors can have from 300 to 5000 parts per million (ppm) of oil in the condensate. Most states have regulatory measures that only allow 15 ppm to enter sewers. Condensate put directly on the ground could potentially enter bodies of water or underground water supplies that could damage our environment. Clean Resources has engineered proprietary products with a focus on oil-water condensate separator that maintain strict environmental guidelines.

Clean Resources provides trouble-free CRP-IDC oil/water separators for customers utilizing lubricated compressors to produce compressed air. They have developed technology that not only works with all compressor lubricants, but solve the challenge of separating the lubricants out of condensate without troublesome and messy disposal issues or creating environmental risk.


The CRP-IDC Paks have been designed using an improved alumina silicate substrate media that prolongs the life of the unit. These units come complete with everything needed to get you up and running quickly. All you have to do is Prime the unit with clean water and simply run your condensate lines to the unit.

CRP-IDC oil/water separator systems provide improved performance, a longer lifespan, simple single-step installation, and a low profile. In addition, sizing the unit has been done to make it easy for service personnel or clients to become better away of when to change the units. The CRP-IDC oil/water separator has an easy recycling program once the unit reached its life span. Penalties for not utilizing an oil/water separator in a lubricated compressor system can be significant, including fines and possible jail time for knowing violations. Relevant Regulations: 40 C.F.R. 110, 116, 117.

  • No maintenance required
  • Internal decompression chamber
  • No mess
  • Best value oil-water separator in the market
  • Industrial design
  • Efficiently & effectively removes all oils, including glycol-based lubricants
  • Cradle to grave warranty
  • System monitoring for timely change out
  • No exposure to black mold, bacteria or E. coli
  • No messy bag change-outs

Gallons of Condensate Every 24 Hours

Compressor HP Aftercooler Drain/Wet Tank Drain Discharge Refrigerated Dryer Drain Discharge Total Discharge
At 75°F, and 60% Relative Humidity
25 11.3 4.7 16.0
50 23.6 9.7 33.4
100 47.3 19.5 66.7
200 94.5 38.9 133.4

At 95°F, and 80% Relative Humidity
25 27.7 11.4 39.2
50 57.8 23.8 81.6
100 115.6 47.6 163.2
200 231.2 95.2 326.4

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