ELGi Oil Water Separator

When the air is compressed through compressor, it results in condensate, a mixture of water, oil and dust particles. If untreated condensate from compressors is released into the open, it can have detrimental effects on the environment. To keep groundwater is safe, the EPA recommends cleaning the condensate before releasing into the sewage disposal.

ELGi’s EOS Oil Water Separator Series is specifically designed to maintain less than 10ppm of oil in the condensate before allowing the fluid to pass on to the environment. Thanks to the multi-Level separation process with both super-efficient fiber adsorbent and activated carbon, which ensures the contaminant levels are kept well within the statutory requirements.

  • Eco-friendly oil-water separator
  • <10 ppm of oil in condensate
  • Multi-level oil separation process with fiber absorbent and activated carbon

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