Nitrogen is used in many commercial and industrial applications to improve the quality of a product or process or as a safety measure to prevent combustion. Liquid or bottled nitrogen delivery and storage can be expensive, unreliable and a safety concern. Nitrogen generators allow users to produce nitrogen in-house simply and inexpensively using an existing compressed air system.

nano recognizes the importance of having a safe, reliable and cost-effective supply of high purity nitrogen. We have developed the ECOGEN2 PSA nitrogen gas generator to meet the increasing demand for high quality, complete packaged solutions which save energy and time while fulfilling the needs of their intended application.

When you switch to a nano ECOGEN2 you can expect payback typically between 6 to 24 months. Its unique design and energy saving function offers a number of significant advantages over delivered gas options, as well as traditional nitrogen generator designs.

The compact plug and play system can be installed easily and with minimum cost and disruption and requires only a pre-treated compressed air system to start production. The ECOGEN2 PSA nitrogen gas generator is ideal for smaller usage applications such as wine production, food packaging and for atmosphere blanketing where a high quality, simple, inexpensive nitrogen supply is required.

  • guaranteed performance
  • rapid return on investment
  • easy to install
  • safe & reliable
  • environmentally friendly

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