HeatSink™ Cycling Refrigerated Dryers

Designed For Efficiency, Reliability and Performance. ZEKS brings together more than fifty years of compressed air treatment knowledge and the latest dryer technology to make HeatSinkTM HSH dryers the energy-efficient alternative to non-cycling dryers. ZEKS has engineered HSH models to include a multi-layer heat exchanger that integrates a Precooler/Reheater, Chiller, Evaporator and Moisture Separator for high operating efficiency. The dryer’s refrigeration system, which uses environmentally friendly, very efficient & designed to provide long service life and deliver consistent dew point in all operating conditions.

HeatSink™ Cycling Refrigerated Dryers incorporate ZEKS True-Cycling™ operation that automatically cycles the dryer refrigeration system on and off in response to variations in compressed air demand. The refrigeration system cools a liquid thermal storage media that is circulated through a media-to-air heat exchanger, designed specifically for compressed air dryers. This cooling causes water present in the air in vapor form to condense which enables it to be separated from the airstream. The result is high quality dry compressed air provided with exceptional energy efficiency. 8 Models, 10-125 SCFM

  • Cycling Operation For Energy Savings
  • Multi-Layer Heat Exchanger with Precooler/Reheater
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Microprocessor Controller
  • Electronic Drain
  • Assembled In USA
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