Pattons has partnered with MTA chillers for your equipment process cooling applications. We pride ourselves on providing reliable and efficient equipment and offering the best total cost of ownership.

MTA believes bringing chilled water to your process should be as easy as turning on a tap, an idea reflected in their chillers' design. MTA's goal is to provide a product that is as adaptable to your process as possible.

MTA chillers are rated for indoor and outdoor installation and feature air intake on one side of the unit, adding flexibility to where you decide to house your chiller. With MTA’s modularity kit, the compressors of up to five chillers can be sequenced as if they were one large unit, so your cooling capacity can grow as your process grows.

MTA chillers are utilized in many industries, including plastics thermoforming, herbal extraction, wine-making, brewing, food processing, distilling, metalworking, printing and labelling, and many more.

MTA has been a leader in manufacturing compressed air treatment products and process cooling equipment since 1982. MTA has been evolving to bring efficient, economical products to market from the beginning. The TAEevo Tech series of industrial water chillers are designed for 24/7, 365 operations.

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