SCFX and SS Series Refrigerated Dryers

SCFX and SS Series Refrigerated Dryers are engineered specifically for use in compressed air systems that operate at pressures greater than 200 psig. Part of the HeatSink™ line, these models conserve energy where there are fluctuations in compressed air usage. In response to compressed air system demand, the dryer refrigeration system automatically cycles on and off to cool a thermal storage media. This cold media exchanges heat with the compressed air within a stainless steel heat exchanger, thereby cooling the compressed air and condensing out moisture. 19 Models, 30-3,550 SCFM

  • Cycling Operation For Energy Savings
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • 680-6,000 PSI Pressure Ratings
  • Microprocessor Controller
  • Assembled in USA
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