ZHA Eclipse™ Heated Purge Dryers

ZHA Eclipse™ Heated Purge Dryers remove moisture from compressed air to achieve dew points from -40°F to as low as -100°F. Heated purge air is used for desiccant media regeneration to minimize the volume of dry compressed air required, therefore saving energy. ZHA Series dryers utilize desiccant media in a twin-tower design and a process of heated desiccant regeneration to make available very dry air for critical applications. High performance switching valves alternate flow between the two towers for simultaneous drying and desiccant regeneration for a continuous supply of dry compressed air. Regeneration air temperature is raised via the on-board heater to reduce regeneration volume requirements. Dryer operation is automatically controlled by a reliable digital controller that provides connectivity for remote communications. 18 Models, 150-8,000 SCFM

  • NEMA 4 Electrical Enclosure
  • High Performance Switching and Purge Valves
  • Digital Controller With Remote Communications Connectivity
  • Low-Watt-Density Heater
  • Solid State Heater Relay for Long Heater Life
  • Sound Attenuating Mufflers
  • Multiple Filter Configurations Available
  • Service-Friendly Design
  • Assembled in USA
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