ZPB Eclipse™ Heatless Purge Dryers

ZPB Eclipse™ Heatless Purge Dryers remove moisture from compressed air to achieve dew points from -40°F to as low as -100°F. The ZPB’s simple yet thoughtful design uses dry air to regenerate the desiccant media and requires minimal maintenance. Dryers in the ZPB Series utilize desiccant media in a twin-tower design and a process of heatless desiccant regeneration to make available very dry air for critical applications. Reliable, switching valves alternate flow between the two towers for simultaneous drying and desiccant regeneration for a continuous supply of dry compressed air. Dryer operation is automatically controlled by a reliable solid state controller or optional digital controller that provides energy savings operation and connectivity for remote communications. 19 Models, 90-5,000 SCFM

  • Downstream Purge Feature Saves Energy and Reduces Compressor Wear
  • Enhanced Control Group Available
  • Sound Attenuating Mufflers
  • Multiple Filter Configurations Available
  • Service-Friendly Design
  • Assembled in USA
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